Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final Fantasy VI Remake Petition

FF6 was pretty special. I always felt the technology and magic were very well balanced, and it's not often you get to pit yourself against a maniacal clown in a Final Fantasy game. The gameplay was also very well done -- each character had a very distinct way of fighting and set of abilities that made battles much more interesting than in some of the other titles. The storyline, it goes without saying, was excellent. Altogether, the only real flaw I could find were the 2D SNES graphics; if those were improved, Final Fantasy VI could move from fantastic to phenomenal.
Another important thing to note about this game is its musical score. Now, there are very few Final Fantasy series soundtracks I don't like, but the FFVI music seemed especially fitting. Every piece fit the environment and situation in which it was played extremely well, and the memorable tunes are another way that the game expresses its unique touch.
It's true that some CG cutscenes were added to help along the storyline with the release of Final Fantasy Anthology, but the gameplay remained pretty much the same as on the good old Super Nintendo. A remake would involve not only a complete graphical redesign, but also the addition of voice acting to all the cutscenes; it always seems to add so much to the story. In any case, if you're a FF6 fan, make sure to sign the form on the Petitions page.
See you next time!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Final Fantasy VIII Remake Petition and a Note on Petition Conditions

This game was just Awesomely skilled teenagers with even more awesome weapons travelling all over the world to engage in political struggles -- to me, this will always be one of the best Final Fantasies. It seemed to go past the level we expect in a lot of the games in terms of storyline, going down darker and more mature paths. Also, the lack of censoring for most of the language seemed to give the game a bit more character. Whether you were making cold tactical decisions or sniping dangerous targets according to complex plans, there were always more surprises and developments around the corner.
In a high resolution remake, the graphics would improve, but it would be the gameplay which could really transform things. Whether shooting and slicing with the Lionheart or lashing your foes into submission with Quistis's whip, actually being able to control characters in 3D action could bring this game close to perfect. Make sure you check out the Petitions page to make your contribution to seeing a modern FF8.

A Note on Petition Conditions: Obviously, the conditions on FFREMAKE petitions are going to be far from flawless for most people, since we all have different preferences as to what remakes should be like. This is the main reason why they are so general. If you have any complaints or suggestions, I remind you to post them in the forums. Petition comments are useful feedback for me, but since they aren't public there isn't much I can do with them in terms of making new petitions.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Final Fantasy VII Remake Petition

Many of you have very fond memories of this game -- the twisted storyline, detailed characters, and diverse soundtrack have created many fans. Even though I'm sure it's possible to create a website or blog based entirely off the idea of remaking FF7, this first petition is just a starting point. I'm sure that the next one is not too far away.
After Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out, the voice for a remake of the original game became stronger than ever before. Many people other than myself visualized the breathtaking combat and CGI of AC in the gameplay of one of the greatest games of all time, and started to clamour for it to happen. That was 6 years ago; the time for action isn't just here, it's overdue.
All fans of the series, please help bring about the game you want. Sign the petition and show Square Enix how much they have to gain by bringing it about. You owe it to other gamers, and yourself.  As mentioned on the page, FFREMAKE has a policy of zero disclosure of personal information -- the name and email address you sign with will never be published or contact you in any way without your permission.
The current number of signatures for each petition will be posted at regular intervals, along with other important info. Stay tuned.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome to FFREMAKE!

Hello, friends, and welcome to FFREMAKE! This is the world's first ever blog dedicated to the reconstruction of those graphically primitive games that took up so much of your time as a kid (maybe they still do!). Whether you are a newbie to the series or a veteran Final Fantasy fanatic, is the place for you.
Remember the captivating storylines of Final Fantasies I-IX, restricted by their inability to show the same kind of beauty and power in the CGI that Square Enix now so flawlessly delivers? Perhaps you were obstructed by the turn-based battle systems, unable to completely immerse yourself in the combat with only a series of entered commands? This blog is the solution to your problems. Have your say here, and you could see your favourite Final Fantasy remade in blu-ray quality the way you want it!
Here's how it works. On the Petitions page you will find all of our current forms for the remake of various Final Fantasies -- feel free to fill them out. If there is not yet a petition for the game that you want, or you dislike the terms of any that exist, take your thoughts to the forums! So long as there is enough support, I will be happy to create a petition for you. You can contact me at
If we can show the makers of the series that there is still a massive fan base for their original games, they would be insane not to take advantage of it. Remember -- retro Final Fantasy VII sold almost four times as many copies in its first 3 days of sale than the latest instalment, Final Fantasy XIV, did in its first month. If SE's current titles had the same level of success as some of their older ones, think how much more money they would make!
See you on the forums!