Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final Fantasy VI Remake Petition

FF6 was pretty special. I always felt the technology and magic were very well balanced, and it's not often you get to pit yourself against a maniacal clown in a Final Fantasy game. The gameplay was also very well done -- each character had a very distinct way of fighting and set of abilities that made battles much more interesting than in some of the other titles. The storyline, it goes without saying, was excellent. Altogether, the only real flaw I could find were the 2D SNES graphics; if those were improved, Final Fantasy VI could move from fantastic to phenomenal.
Another important thing to note about this game is its musical score. Now, there are very few Final Fantasy series soundtracks I don't like, but the FFVI music seemed especially fitting. Every piece fit the environment and situation in which it was played extremely well, and the memorable tunes are another way that the game expresses its unique touch.
It's true that some CG cutscenes were added to help along the storyline with the release of Final Fantasy Anthology, but the gameplay remained pretty much the same as on the good old Super Nintendo. A remake would involve not only a complete graphical redesign, but also the addition of voice acting to all the cutscenes; it always seems to add so much to the story. In any case, if you're a FF6 fan, make sure to sign the form on the Petitions page.
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