Saturday, 28 May 2011

Final Fantasy VII Remake Petition

Many of you have very fond memories of this game -- the twisted storyline, detailed characters, and diverse soundtrack have created many fans. Even though I'm sure it's possible to create a website or blog based entirely off the idea of remaking FF7, this first petition is just a starting point. I'm sure that the next one is not too far away.
After Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out, the voice for a remake of the original game became stronger than ever before. Many people other than myself visualized the breathtaking combat and CGI of AC in the gameplay of one of the greatest games of all time, and started to clamour for it to happen. That was 6 years ago; the time for action isn't just here, it's overdue.
All fans of the series, please help bring about the game you want. Sign the petition and show Square Enix how much they have to gain by bringing it about. You owe it to other gamers, and yourself.  As mentioned on the page, FFREMAKE has a policy of zero disclosure of personal information -- the name and email address you sign with will never be published or contact you in any way without your permission.
The current number of signatures for each petition will be posted at regular intervals, along with other important info. Stay tuned.

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