Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome to FFREMAKE!

Hello, friends, and welcome to FFREMAKE! This is the world's first ever blog dedicated to the reconstruction of those graphically primitive games that took up so much of your time as a kid (maybe they still do!). Whether you are a newbie to the series or a veteran Final Fantasy fanatic, is the place for you.
Remember the captivating storylines of Final Fantasies I-IX, restricted by their inability to show the same kind of beauty and power in the CGI that Square Enix now so flawlessly delivers? Perhaps you were obstructed by the turn-based battle systems, unable to completely immerse yourself in the combat with only a series of entered commands? This blog is the solution to your problems. Have your say here, and you could see your favourite Final Fantasy remade in blu-ray quality the way you want it!
Here's how it works. On the Petitions page you will find all of our current forms for the remake of various Final Fantasies -- feel free to fill them out. If there is not yet a petition for the game that you want, or you dislike the terms of any that exist, take your thoughts to the forums! So long as there is enough support, I will be happy to create a petition for you. You can contact me at
If we can show the makers of the series that there is still a massive fan base for their original games, they would be insane not to take advantage of it. Remember -- retro Final Fantasy VII sold almost four times as many copies in its first 3 days of sale than the latest instalment, Final Fantasy XIV, did in its first month. If SE's current titles had the same level of success as some of their older ones, think how much more money they would make!
See you on the forums!

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